Laser marking, laser etching and laser engraving are quickly replacing traditional marking/etching/engraving processes such as etching, stamping, pad printing and mechanical engraving because they are accurate, repeatable, non-contact, aesthetic, high resolution, environmentally friendly processes. These processes leave an indelible, permanent mark on the part that won’t fade or come off from cleaning, chemicals or abrasion.

These are all non-contact processes that are performed by laser light and eliminate physical contact with the part at the marked/engraved area. The benefit of this is that there is no tool wear allowing huge volumes of parts to be identically maked.
We currently have two laser machines. With these we are able to laser a number of items. The Smaller of the two is able to laser a piece of material 12”X24” and also has the capability to do cylindrical items up to 7” in circumference.  The larger machine can laser a piece of material 24”X24”. Concave item up to 2” in depth can also be engraved.

The laser can engrave on wood, paper, metal, laser able plastic, acrylic, leather, etc… We can also laser permanently on bare metals with Cermark, which is a laserable coating that will leave a black mark. We have the capability to cut material up to 3/8in thick.